It speak to us of the power of love that leads us to great sacrifice. Sometimes that coming together of love and sacrifice can lead to tragedy, as it does here. But even in the midst of the tragedy, there is also a vision of the salvation that also comes from sacrifice. A reminder of the sacrifice God made to bring salvation.

Shi mian mai fu (2004) Film Review

This page was created on December 7, 2004
This page was last updated on May 23, 2005

Review by Darrel Manson
Review by Ed Travis
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Click to enlargeDirected by Yimou Zhang
Screenplay by Feng Li , Bin Wang and Yimou Zhang

Cast (in credits order)
Takeshi Kaneshiro .... Jin
Andy Lau .... Leo
Ziyi Zhang .... Mei
Dandan Song .... Yee

Produced by
William Kong .... producer
Weiping Zhang .... executive producer
Yimou Zhang .... producer
Zhenyan Zhang .... associate producer

Original Music by Shigeru Umebayashi
Cinematography by Xiaoding Zhao
Film Editing by Long Cheng

Rated PG-13 (for sequences of stylized martial arts violence, and some sexuality)
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Click to enlargeIt is 859AD, and the Tang Dynasty, one of the most enlightened empires in Chinese history at its height, is in decline. The Emperor is incompetent and the government is corrupt. Unrest is spreading throughout the land, and many rebel armies are forming in protest. The largest, and most prestigious, is an underground alliance called the “House of Flying Daggers.”

The House of Flying Daggers operates mysteriously, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Thus, they have earned the support and admiration of the people and expanded quickly. Based in Feng Tian County, close to the Imperial Capital, the House of Flying Daggers has long been a thorn in the side of the local deputies, their hated rivals.

The deputies are enraged because, even after they fought and killed the leader of the House of Flying Daggers, the House continues to thrive. Under the leadership of a mysterious new leader, the House of Flying Daggers grows ever more powerful. Feng Tian County’s two local captains, Leo (ANDY LAU TAK WAH) and Jin (TAKESHI KANESHIRO) are ordered to capture the new leader within ten days.

Captain Leo suspects that Mei (ZHANG ZIYI), the beautiful new dancer at the local Peony Pavilion, is actually the daughter of the old leader. He hatches a plan to arrest her and bring her in for questioning. When Mei refuses to divulge any information on the House of Flying Daggers, the two captains set up another plan. This time, Captain Jin will pretend to be a lone warrior called Wind and rescue Mei from prison, earning her trust and escorting her to the secret headquarters of the House of Flying Daggers.

The plan works, and on their long journey to the House, Jin and Mei warm to each other. Before long, Mei has developed feelings for her enigmatic protector, and Jin is surprised to find himself falling for Mei’s headstrong charm. Both struggle to contain their feelings, but under the starry night, their irrepressible desire is almost beyond their control. Danger lurks in the forest surrounding them, and the wind is still, as if sensing the tension in the air.

What lies ahead for Jin and Mei, these star-crossed lovers? If this is true love, then why are there plots in their heads…and secrets in their hearts?

Review by
Pastor, Artesia Christian Church, Artesia, CA

Darrel has an incredible love and interest in the cinematic arts. His reviews usually include independent and significantly important film.

Click to enlargeEarlier this year, American audiences got to see Zhang Yimou's visually beautiful and intellectually thoughtful martial arts film, Hero. Now we are treated to Zhang's second martial arts film, House of Flying Daggers. This film shares a good deal with Hero -stunning cinematography, excellent choreography of the wuxia style martial arts sequences, and interesting plot twists. (Note: while I won't be speaking of the twists themselves, some of my comments may give hints that will reflect some of the twists.)
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Review by
Email Ed Travis here
A Film Geek and graduate of Eastern University and assistant Youth Director at Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church in Gaithersburg, MD. His reviews include:
Click to enlargeSometimes you can watch a well-made film and acknowledge its greatness, but never really personally resonate with it; other times you can watch a trite or silly film, acknowledge its silliness, but come away loving the film despite its flaws. I watched House of Flying Daggers and came away acknowledging the greatness and clicking with it on every level. Isn’t that a rare and wonderful experience with a film?
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Review by Darrel Manson
Review by Ed Travis
Trailers, Photos
About this Film pdf
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