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Boxoffice figures dropped dramatically between the summers of 2004 and 2005. From August through July, more and more audiences were taking their dollars elsewhere. Gone were the grand metaphyspectacles of the previous year. Where was Harry? Where was Frodo? Where was Spidey, man? Not even George Lucas or The Incredibles seemed able to save the day. But was all lost? Did twelve months of film have nothing worthwhile to say?

Hardly. Spirituality still rocks Hollywood'sworld.

This year's collection of reviews covers 90 top films, every one of them reviewed from HollywoodJesus.com's spiritual perspective. The ideas that move the world infuse the cinema, and audiences are still paying attention. Into the darkness of the theatre comes a great light. God is behind the screen, and Jesus is in the seats. Take a close look the next time you're there.

The 2004-2005 collection features the writing of Hollywood Jesus host David Bruce and over twenty of his reviewers: Benn Becker, Kathy Bledsoe, Maurice Broaddus, Peter Cruikshank, Mike Furches, Matthew Hill, Melinda Ledman, Elisabeth Leitch, Darrel Manson, Kevin Miller, Tom Price, Ken Priebe, Michael Ray, Jacob Sahms, Michael Smith, Johann Snyder, Mark Ezra Stokes, Ed Travis, Chris Utley, Annette Wierstra, Greg Wright and Jenn Wright.

Reviews are grouped by categories of popularity, and arranged alphabetically within those categories. Fans of a particular reviewer can find a short bio and list of reviews in the Index of Reviewers.


Recently my movie going experiences have changed. Shucks, for that matter, my whole life has changed. You see, I have become involved in the life of a little eight-year-old boy named Tyler Graebner. Tyler and I have a couple of passions that we share: wrestling and movies.

I became aware of Tyler's plight on December 3rd, 2004. I came across Tyler's story while visiting a forum I moderate for a Kansas wrestling web site. A post made by Mike Juby simply made mention of the fact that a boy named Tyler was fighting for his life. Tyler has cancer of the liver and pancreas. The world-wide survival rate for these diseases is only around twenty-five per cent.

That post moved me. Maybe it was just that this young boy lying in his hospital bed only wanted to wrestle. Maybe it was because during the last year I had lost a sister-in-law to cancer. Maybe it was that my predecessor at the church I pastor had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Maybe it was that a friend of mine named Aaron Sweazy, a former college wrestler himself, was diagnosed with cancer. I don't know. I just know that I was moved, and it was as if a gentle breeze had blown through me with the power of a mighty rushing wind.

I decided that I had to do something for Tyler, even if it couldn't be much. I made a few posts on internet message boards about Tyler, suggesting that people think of this young man, pray for him, and if possible assist in taking up funds that would help meet the eight hundred dollar monthly medical costs that insurance won't cover.

I have found out what it is like to look a father in the eye as he tells me that without the Family Medical Leave Act in America he may not be able to continue in his job. I have learned what it is like for a small boy to take near-weekly four-hour trips to the hospital, plus chemo treatments where he ends up staying for a week or more.

I have learned also about the generosity of humanity. I have learned that the wrestling community (the real thing, not the professional "sports entertainment" that you see on television) is really a family that helps take care of its own. I have seen the benefit of places like The Ronald McDonald House, which makes it possible for families to spend time with their children without worrying about additional costs of motels. These are examples that much of the Church could learn from.

I have also seen that a little boy with cancer is still first and foremost a little boy. I have also seen that boy and his family provide hope and inspiration to me, a tough, gruff, inner-city wrestling pastor. Outside of my faith in Christ, and my family, Tyler has provided me with more inspiration and hope than anyone I have ever met. He has truly become my living, breathing hope and inspiration to do something more with my life. He has made me a better man, and hopefully a better father, husband and human being. I am amazed how God has used a small child to nurture my desire to love others for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I have started spending time with Tyler, along with my son, as much as possible. I look forward to our Sunday afternoons together. It is here that we share some of our common love. I take my family on a forty-five minute trek to see Tyler. We all look forward to it—especially my son who loves to play PS2 games with Tyler—and we have also been seeing movies together, then getting a bite of food or ice cream after the show.

When I am with Tyler, I see the power and benefit of movies, bringing hime a laugh and a smile. That may not seem like much; but when you get daily injections through a port in your skin, when you go through the nausea of chemo and radiation therapy, a laugh can be a valuable thing. Oftentimes, while grateful for that laugh, I also find myself in tears, realizing how I have taken little things like that for granted, especially when considering the battle that Tyler himself faces on an hour-to-hour basis.

From Introduction by Mike Furches


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