The Island of Lost Dreams

The Island of Lost Dreams


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Spy Kids (original)
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Click to enlargeANTONIO BANDERAS
Antonio Banderas returns to SPY KIDS 2 as Gregorio Cortez -- daring secret agent, suave and seductive husband and now, a dad worried that his growing kids no longer need him. This time Banderas gives his character new comic twists by adding to his vulnerability. Despite his brilliant spy work, Gregorio Cortez proves to a husband afraid of his in-laws, a working man about to be passed over for the promotion he deserved and a father who needs to know his kids still think he’s their hero.

Banderas was thrilled to be back in one of his most surprising yet favorite screen roles to date. “It feels so good to part of something that has wonderful family principles, but is also magical and high-action with a hip sense of humor,” he says. “That’s what brought me back. And it’s also exciting to work with Robert Rodriguez in one of the most creative and imaginative moments of his career. He is creating something with SPY KIDS that is larger-than-life, the kind of movies that capture your heart no matter how old you are. And this time he has put in even more thrills, more ideas and more funny stuff.”

He might be larger-than-life but in THE ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS, Gregorio Cortez finds himself baffled and bewildered when his kids seem to no longer come to him for advice – whether related to espionage or otherwise. Instead, they seem to favor the fantastical abilities of do-it-all robots and have come to rely on their own spy-smarts . . . until they get into trouble so big they discover just how much they still need their father.

“Gregorio’s having a series of very bad days when this movie begins,” observes Banderas. “He is not quite as happy-go-lucky as he was previously, but that allows me to really bring a sense of humor to his character beyond what we did in the first film, when people were getting to know him.”

He continues: “But that’s what I love about this movie – we take these kind of mythic characters, these fantasy, invincible spies and give them everyday family problems. I love the possibility of laughing at these characters. I think it shows us that it’s OK to laugh at ourselves.” For many, it’s Banderas’ ability to play the fool and the sophisticate equally well that makes Gregorio so appealing to kids and adults. Sums up Holland Taylor, who plays his mother-in-law in SPY KIDS 2: “Antonio is the perfect combination of clown and great romantic hero. When an elegant man willingly and happily makes fun of himself, the way Antonio does in this role, it is irresistible.”

Banderas was also intrigued by the idea of introducing a new generation into SPY KIDS 2: Carmen and Juni’s veteran spy grandparents, who also happen to be Gregorio’s skeptical in-laws. “There is a whole new side of family relationships to be explored with the addition of the grandparents – and there’s a lot of comedy for adults in this, too, because we bring in the dimension of dealing with your own in-laws and parents,” points out Banderas. “Carla and I tried to put in little funny things about that for the parents that kids might not catch.”

But Banderas also liked that the kids – both Carmen and Juni and their rivals Gary and Gerti Giggles -- take center stage in this adventure when it comes to the spy intrigue. “The situation is kind of reversed in this new adventure,” he says. “The kids get in trouble and their parents have to find them. But it’s still about what is important in life: using your head and your heart and working together to do the right thing.”

Click to enlargeINGRID CORTEZ
Current Status: Active, World’s Great Spy Mom

Carla Gugino once again portrays Ingrid Cortez, the mom whose makeup mirror is secretly a supercomputer with a direct connection to OSS spy headquarters. Gugino had so much fun in the first “Spy Kids” adventure; she couldn’t wait to return. “Kids are the best audience because they’re so appreciative of entertainment that doesn’t condescend to them,” she says. “And what better character could there be than the world’s coolest, greatest, funniest mom?”

This time around, Ingrid Cortez is fighting for something even closer to home than the fate of the world: she’s battling to save her children from harm. This vigorous passion attracted Gugino, as did the opportunity to check out Robert Rodriguez’s latest and coolest new inventions. She says: “I remember when we were shooting the first ‘Spy Kids,’ Robert had so many ideas, we just couldn’t get them all in. Well, now he has created an even bigger adventure, to really bring his passion for invention into it. This new movie has more surrealism, more Bond-style gizmos and this whole island filled with fabulous, crazy creations. He’s taking the whole concept a step further, instead of playing it safe.”

As with Rodriguez’s first film, Gugino found all the fantastical fun infused with something else kids crave: a sense of meaning. She explains her take on the journey in SPY KIDS 2: “This one’s about how even though your family drives you crazy – whether it’s your mother chiding you or your in-laws pushing your buttons – ultimately when a family all works together there’s no greater power.”

Like Antonio Banderas, Gugino was excited to have two new Cortezes join the fray: her equally savvy spy parents. “It’s a whole multi-generational spy thing now,” she says. “It’s allows us to explore what Ingrid has learned from her parents and how she has passed that along to our children. I mean now Carmen is hacking into the Pentagon computer, which is taking her mother’s sense of curiosity and adventure to a whole new level. Each generation seems to go one step further and sometime we can only watch in awe at what our kids can do.”

SPY STATUS: Active, assigned to UKATA; on trail of Transmooker Device

SPY KIDS 2: ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS sees the return of Daryl Sabara and Alexa Vega as the world’s most coveted Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni Cortez. But this time they meet up with a pair of rival sibling spies: Gary and Gerti Giggles, the very latest kids working their way up the ranks of the OSS. Gary and Geri just happen to be the children of Donnagon, head of the OSS, and he makes sure they get the plum assignment of UKATA – a top-secret quest to uncover what’s happening on a mysterious island where the powerful Transmooker Device, which can shut down all electricity on earth, was invented. But Carmen and Juni have their own ideas about who should get to go on the mission, and reroute the Giggles to the Gobi Desert – and that’s just the start of their rivalry.

To play Gary and Gerti Giggles, two new young actors were initiated into the Spy Kids family: Matt O’Leary and Emily Osment (sister of Haley Joel Osment). As a fan of the first film, O’Leary was excited to see the ranks of Spy Kids personnel increasing. “I definitely like that there are more kids in the OSS organization now,” he says. “Juni and Carmen are really professionals now – I mean they’ve proven to be just as good as the adults. And the Giggles want to be seen the same way. It’s a really cool position to be in.”
O’Leary describes the character of Gary Giggles like this: “He’s very rich, very smart and very smart aleck. All he wants is to be the very best Spy Kid in the world, but he’ll do whatever it takes to be on top. I think he’s probably one of those kids you just love to hate, which is a really fun role to play.” Adds Emily Osment: “Gerti also thinks she’s sort of better than everyone, but it’s easy to understand because she and Gary are very smart and they do a lot of cool things.”

Even though they become competitors with Juni and Carmen, both O’Leary and Osment had sympathy for their characters as kids who are led astray by their ambition. “The Giggles aren’t really evil,” sumps up O’Leary. “They just want to stay one step ahead of the Cortezes but that means there’s a lot of twists and surprises as they each race to accomplish the same assignment. They all learn later that to really win, we have to work things out together.”

All of this required some of the most physical acting O’Leary and Osment had ever experienced. While Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara were already used to working in harnesses and performing specially designed stunts, O’Leary and Osment got a first-time immersion into spy skills. “We’ve been climbing volcanoes and swinging on vines and flying in the air and all sorts of things,” says Emily Osment. “I think the whole idea is that this time around the missions are even harder because the Spy Kids can handle it.”

For both O’Leary and Osment one of the one of the hardest things to handle in ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS was that during the Giggles detour to the Gobi Desert, they are glopped with an overwhelming amount of camel dung – and wind up wearing it for part of the movie. “It was in our hair, in our ears, all over our faces and it was really disgusting – but it was also really funny,” says Emily Osment.

STATUS: Retired but not tired; still a force

Playing the Cortez kids’ grandparents, who still have a few sneaky spy tricks of their own up their sleeves, are two veteran Hollywood actors: Ricardo Montalban and Holland Taylor. For Montalban, the chance to be in ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS was a dream come true because it was like becoming part of a fairy tale. “To me, this story is exactly the kind of tale I would tell my own grandchildren, a wonderful story with all these gadgets and adventures that is also about camaraderie,” he comments.

He also adores the character of Grandpa Cortez , who though wheelchair-bound and retired has more zip and zing in him than spies half his age. “I love playing this grandfather who has so much vitality and excitement to him and I hope it will open more doors for showing the elderly on screen,” he says. “I combine three invisible minorities in one: I’m Latin, elderly and handicapped. But this was not a problem for Robert because he has such a grand imagination. He even gave me a magical wheelchair that can fly. He made the character so much fun.”

He continues: “It’s also great fun to be Antonio Banderas’ father-in-law because I have so much respect for him as an actor, but in this film I have to look down on him. I mean no one is good enough for my daughter. Not even Gregorio Cortez, superspy extraordinaire.”

Playing Grandma Cortez, herself a pretty sly super-spy in her day, is Holland Taylor. Taylor says she joined the cast of SPY KIDS 2 because “Robert Rodriguez is like the Pied Piper. -- adults, children, we all want to follow him.” Adds Taylor: “This is probably the only movie in which I would be content to play a grandmother. At least I’m a hip, cool grandmother who does exciting things. And I also get the opportunity to play with Ricardo Montalban, who I have long thought is one of the most attractive, sophisticated, charming, gallant men ever to be on the screen. Between being with him and Antonio Banderas, it’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Wise and savvy as her character is, Taylor also loved being in SPY KIDS 2 because it allowed her to play like a kid. “I adored being on the set,” she admits. “It was like a game, it was like sheer play. I couldn’t resist pushing all the buttons, trying out all the gadgets, checking out the rocket shoes. I kept thinking: I want shoes like that, I want a sub like that, I want gear like that. I think secretly a lot of us, no matter what age, want to be Spy Kids.”

Click to enlargeROMERO
STATUS: Mastermind behind island of wild inventions and weird mutations; afraid of own shadow

The adventurous journey to the ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS, brings the Cortez family face-to-face with a madder-than-most-mad-geniuses mastermind: Romero. Once a brilliant genetic scientist, Romero’s experiments to create Zoo Too --a collection of unique household pets made up of miniaturized, hybridized, exotic animals -- have gotten way out of control. His zoo has trapped its own keeper, and Romero lives in fear of the odd and outrageous assortment of creatures he has created, creatures such as the Slizzard, a bizarre mixture of lizard and snake. Playing Romero is Steve Buscemi, breaking away from his reputation for complex adult roles to bring a whole new sensibility to a family film villain.

“He’s a scientist who is absolutely paranoid and crazy afraid of his own creations,” explains Buscemi. “But luckily, I didn’t have to work with the creatures, because they were all added in later as special effects. I only had to imagine them, which was pretty exciting, because Robert explained them all to me and I realized just why Romero is so worried.”

For Buscemi, working with Rodriguez , for whom he previously starred in “Desperado,” on a family film was an exciting process. “It’s just fun watching Robert do what he does,” he says. “And because this is a kid’s film, he can be even cooler and more imaginative, knowing that they really appreciate that sort of thing. It’s hard to imagine that one person has so much talent and can come up with so many ideas, but that’s Robert.”
Says Antonio Banderas of Buscemi: “He’s perfect for Romero because he can have this kind of romantic soul and at the same be very funny in that special way that kids really like.”

STATUS: Brand New Head of OSS, Father of Spy Kids Gary and Gerti Giggles

Turning his “Spy Kids” cameo until a full-fledged comic role, acclaimed animation mastermind Mike Judge (“King of the Hill,” “Beavis and Butthead”) portrays Donnagon, the brand-spanking new head of the OSS, father of Gary and Gerti Giggles and power-hungry prima donna. Judge says of his return: “I scored some big points with my kids by being in the first one and I figured the more I’m in them, the better I’ll look. This time around we get to learn much more about Donnagon, his family and what I can only call his shady side.”
Carla Gugino explains the character like this: “Donnagon is a great foil for Gregorio and Ingrid because they’re these larger-than-life, always a little over-the-top, enthusiastic people and he’s completely dead-pan. Mike is great at making that kind of delivery so funny.”

For the rest of the cast, working with Judge was a bit like being transported into the world of irreverent cartoons. “It was just so fun hanging out on the set with him because we could talk Cheech & Chong to Beavis & Butthead,” says Cheech Marin, who also returns playing the Cortez’s mysteriously unrelated “Uncle” Felix. Adds Emily Osment, who play Gerti Giggles: “Donnagon is supposed to be kind of mean, cause he’s the head of the OSS and he kind of takes control even against his kids, but we liked Mike anyway, because he always made us laugh.”

PRESIDENTIAL STATUS: Endangered. Daughter possibly linked romantically to Juni Cortez.

The adventures of SPY KIDS 2 all begin when the President’s daughter takes her dad’s top-secret Transmooker Device on an amusement park ride that’s on the fritz – and the Spy Kids have to save the day. Playing the President is Chris McDonald, a long-time friend and colleague of Robert Rodriguez. Says McDonald of his friend: “Robert’s like a one-man movie-making machine. But he also goes after what matters: family matters.”

When he read the script, McDonald was pleased to see that SPY KIDS 2 puts more power into the hands of the kids. “I really like that these Spy Kids can even tell the President what to do,” he says. “Only a handful of people can do that, but Carmen and Juni are now among them – and that’s also a pretty attractive to the President’s daughter.”

Starring as the President’s daughter Alexandra is Taylor Momsen (“The Grinch”) who wanted to be a part of ISLAND OF LOST DREAMS because she’s always had her own secret dream of becoming a real-life spy. “I was always really into secret agent stuff and I created a whole bunch of spy gadgets so when I showed them to Robert Rodriguez he thought it was really cool,” she explains.

Although Momsen doesn’t exactly play a spy, she plays the girl who falls for a spy – when she develops a crush on the increasingly suave and debonair Juni Cortez. “Juni does the one thing that really matters to Alexandra – he helps her get a better relationship with her dad,” explains Momsen. “Even though her dad’s the President, he doesn’t always have time for her and that makes her sad. But she can relate to Juni because they both like to sneaky things. I can relate to that too!”

Juni wins over Alexandra at a luxurious ballroom dance for heads of state, where he sweeps her off her feet with his moves – his ballet moves that is, including his jetées. “Daryl and I both study ballet so we could really have fun with this scene,” comments Momsen. “It was my favorite.”

She continues: “My other favorite part is Alexandra’s bedroom, which is round with a round bed in it and is a girl’s total fantasy room. It has a cordless phone and a supercomputer and all these books and toys and dolls and diaries and even fuzzy pens. It was everything you could imagine a girl would love. I said to my mom, ‘do I think I could have this room at home?’ She thought that was pretty funny.”

Status: Under Federal Investigation

Bill Paxton takes on the role of Dinky Winks, the misguided inventor who created the cutting-edge amusement park ride known as The Juggler that nearly is the undoing of the President’s Daughter. Like much of the rest of the adult cast, Paxton was introduced to the Spy Kids concept through the enthusiasm of his children. “My kids loved the first one and so did I,” he says. “And then when I read this script it had this bigger-than-life, tongue-in-cheek comic book flavor that was filled with constant frenetic energy and I just wanted to be a part of it.”

Although it is a small role, Paxton engaged in some rather surprising physical transformations to become the wild-eyed Dinky Winks – including putting on a fat suit. “You can be as inventive as you want when you work with Robert and I thought it would be fun to give Dinky Winks – this part-huckster, part crazy-genius guy who invented this surrealistic amusement park – a big, fat stomach. I wanted him to be a kind of jovial host in this weird world, and Robert allowed me to be totally spontaneous in my performance and have fun.”

And speaking of inventors, also returning to SPY KIDS 2 is Danny Trejo, as Izzy Machete, the family’s own creative genius – who teaches Juni and Carmen the importance of such low-tech items as a simple rubber band that saves the day. Joining Trejo for a second round of SPY KIDS are also Alan Cumming’s, who makes an appearance as the inimitable Floop and Tony Shalhoub, who exhibits four heads as the mutated Minion.

Click to enlargeGADGETS AND GIZMOS

Robert Rodriguez prepared for SPY KIDS 2 by going back to his intensely creative drawing board and coming up with an a whole new assortment of wildly inventive spy gadgets – the kind that use playful smarts and savvy strategy to outwit villains, rather than violence. Using his own childhood dreams of super-spy paraphernalia and hiring his own kids as test-pilots, he updated every part of the Spy Kids gear – from their modes of transportation to their means of surveillance, using the latest technology and his own facile brand of future-think. As Danny Trejo says: “This guy has that kind of mind that could have been a rocket scientist but instead he makes movies for families. That’s pretty lucky for kids.”

Among the items on every spies must-have list from ISLAN D OF LOST DREAMS are:

* Hover-Shoes – a rocket-powered pair that never let your feet touch the ground
* Nanotechnology Spy Watches – with satellite and internet uplinks Does everything but tell time
* R.A.L.P.H. – a multi-legged personal robot that’s as cute and cuddly as it is useful
* The Dragon Spy Ship – a fully automated, do-it-all, morphing underwater speed machine that buzzes around like a dragonfly
* OSS Jr. Headquarters – a tricked-out tree house with super-computers, satellite dishes and a helicopter landing pad

Rodriguez says that he dreams up most of his wild ideas while driving in his truck. “I find my most creative time is spent driving. I live a good distance from Austin, so while driving I tend to zone out on the Texas Highway. I’ll get an idea and can’t write it down, so I phone myself and leave a message. There’s nothing more fun than coming home and hearing a bunch of cryptic, static filled messages that I don’t even remember leaving! Finding the FLOOP SONG being sung into my answering machine was a special thrill this time out. I ended up getting a lot of mileage out of that one theme, which also became the single that Alexa Vega sings at the end of the movie.”

The very best ideas then become realities on the set. It’s a process that fuels Rodriguez’s passion for pure creativity. “I love to create challenges for myself to solve creatively, to put my imagination on overdrive,” he says. “Sometimes creativity and imagination is more important than skill. If you confront every challenge with a creative solution, you can get very far very fast. So usually the wilder the idea the more fun I have with it. And with SPY KIDS 2, I really wanted to up the drool factor. I wanted to create the kind of gadgets that make kids say ‘I want that’ even though it might be 20 or 200 years before these things exist. It sparks their dreams and imaginations.”

“I also wanted to make their new watches twice as cool as the previous ones with the twice the gadgetry. The whole idea is that kids always want the very, very latest updated, coolest gadgets, but the minute you get them, there’s something new. That’s what happens to Carmen and Juni when they think they have the very latest watches, but then the Giggles get the even newer Nanotechnology watches.”

As for the Dragon Spy Ship, Rodriguez got his inspiration from nature. “I like to design my gadgets the way a kid would and kids love bugs so this time their ship looks just like a dragonfly – and each Cortez kid sits in their own little glass eyeball. It even makes a buzzing sound underwater just like a real dragonfly. I love that sort of gadget – it’s high-tech and streamlined and super-colorful, but it’s also very kid-like. It’s just the kind of thing a child would dream about.. By turning back the clock on my imagination I was able to solve many creative challenges. For instance, in the script I had written MAGNA RACERS, which were supposed to be magnetically propelled aircraft. I drew and drew but could never come up with a design I thought fit the movie. I then realized I needed to do what I have always done with these two movies: simplify even further. It dawned on me that a magnet ship would simply look like a giant horseshoe shaped magnet. The plain obvious simple kind. The kids would stand on this, and would hold an even smaller magnet as the steering wheel. A child’s imagination is simple, clean, and pure. I had to work hard to wind my adult mind back to those freer times.”

One of the most popular new gadgets both in the Rodriguez home and on the set was R.A.L.P.H., a robotic creature who is part cuddly pet, part wizard-like personal assistant, another item that Rodriguez says was inspired by the kind of thing little boys and girls fantasize they could have in their lives. “R.A.L.P.H. is a creature that sits on Juni’s shoulders, kind of like a cross between a spider and frog in appearance, but the cool thing is that it can solve a lot of his problems, in fact so many of them that he kind of threatens Juni’s dad a little bit,” he explains. “The best part about R.A.L.P.H. though is his personality – he’s got more personality than some humans do!”

Another dream item was the OSS Jr. Headquarters – which Rodriguez says was his chance “to create the ultimate kid’s tree house, the one I always wanted, only so much cooler, complete with helicopter pad.” Other unique creations include The Juggler – an amusement park ride that “spins as fast as the U.S. government will allow”, which gives Juni and Carmen the chance to rescue the President’s trapped daughter. “With The Juggler, I asked the question: what is the craziest possible amusement park ride that doesn’t yet exist? And the answer was the Juggler,” says the director.

And then there are the mixed-up messed-around animals on Romero’s island – including combos of horse and fly, cat and fish, spider and monkey, all created by Rodriguez. They even include such outrageous hybrids as a Slizzard – a mix between a lizard and a snake – and the Spork – a flying pig that’s a cross between a sparrow and pork -- not to mention mythical Centaurs. “A lot of kids dream of being scientists and making their own creations,” says Rodriguez. “I got to actually do it for this film. It’s a lot of fun – you just get an idea and see where it takes you. Also again, simplicity plays a big part of it. A child would find the idea of combining animals into obvious fun ”play on words” jokes like HorseFly (a horse mixed with a fly), BullFrog, (a bull with frog legs), catfish (a cat with a fish head), etc. This movie was so much fun, I feel like the only way to have this much fun again is to make a 3rd one!”

Click to enlargeROMERO'S ISLAND

In addition to serving as writer, director and master inventor, Robert Rodriguez also served as the film’s production designer – turning the remote wilderness of West Texas into an exotic Island of Lost Dreams, a rocky, rugged, ruins-filled volcanic landscape of run-away creations, where there isn’t even electricity to plug in a gadget.

“I really wanted a very specific look for this film so that’s why I decided to be the production designer too,” comments Rodriguez. ““I wanted the world of the film to appear as if a kid had designed it – and Kids love scale,” he explains, “anything that’s really big or really tiny, so a lot of what I designed is either miniaturized or much larger than you would expect.”

Rodriguez’s concept for Romero’s hideaway was a reaction to all the villain’s lairs he’s seen in other movies. “In Bond movies, the lairs are always these huge, elaborate, and probably very expensive lairs,” he observes. “I wanted Romero’s lair to be pre-existing. A pile of ancient civilization ruins, that he happened upon and set up camp in.” But inside that hideaway, Romero has created an entire miniature of the island and all its creations. “I love the idea of him being able to look down on this little model of everything like the Gods looking down on humans in those old mythological movies,” says Rodriguez. “It also works kind of like a video monitor for him, since there is no electricity on the island.”

Wearing so many hats might have flummoxed some but for Rodriguez, it was an opportunity to return to his EL MARIACHI roots. “I got into moviemaking because I had a lot of hobbies as a kid. I loved photography, drawing, music, sculpture… Moviemaking seemed like a big project I could throw myself into creatively, full immersion, and get to do all my hobbies. When I got to Hollywood, the last thing I wanted to do was give any of that up. So I simply continued making my bigger budget movies in this home movie style, where you do most everything yourself.”

In addition to his constant innovations in design, Robert Rodriguez also instituted an entirely new way to shoot with SPY KIDS 2: using a customized high-definition digital cameras instead of film. Says Rodriguez: “The HD cameras not only make production move much faster but it also makes everything more immediate and less technically binding. Technology is wonderful in that it frees you creatively. Film was a true creative obstacle, slowing down the process of moviemaking to the point I was getting very frustrated with the medium. “I was tired of film,” he says, “because I would look at SPY KIDS and feel that it should be so much more colorful, that it should really have captured all these hot Latin colors I was using on the set, but it didn’t. It just never translated on film. Then George Lucas showed me some footage from the new ‘Star Wars Episode 2’ and I was very impressed. I knew this was the way to go. With high definition digital, it captures all of the vividness and vibrancy of the sets we created. It feels like you’re shooting in Technicolor. Everything really pops.”

Rodriguez also liked that he was able to immediately see the results of each take. “With HD you can see exactly what you’re going to see on the screen – and the actors can also see it, so they can always say ‘Oh, I have a different idea.’ In fact, people learned on this production to just put away their scripts, because every new idea would lead to ten other ideas and you end up going much farther and getting more creative than you ever thought.”

“It’s simply revolutionary. I just made two really big movies in HD in the amount of time it would have taken to do one on film.” “I know there are many people out there right now thinking that film is forever, but no one edits on film anymore after just a few years of being introduced to electronic editing. I’m predicting that as filmmakers see what Hi-Def is all about, they will abandon shooting on film as quickly as they abandoned cutting on film. Yes, HD is less expensive, and yes it looks much better than film, but the real reason you would switch to it is because Hi-Def changes the creative process of moviemaking so dramatically that you could never to back to film once you tried it.”

The cast was in complete agreement after giving themselves over to the unique experience. “I think Robert is really a pioneer and in five or six years, we’ll see many people using this same system,” says Antonio Banderas. Adds Carla Gugino: “It’s so much faster, it took awhile to learn the new rhythm of it, but once we did, it was amazing. In terms of visuals, I was blown away. It’s really groundbreaking.”

Summarizes Cheech Marin: “The best thing about Robert is that he uses a classic style of story-telling but uses all the newest technology and coolest ideas to really give it a whole new dimension.”

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